November 2011

Fixing Baseball

16 Nov , 2011 Culture,Sports

The potential new labor deal for Major League Baseball is a great start towards revitalizing baseball and leaping possibly into the number two US sport behind the NFL. Moreover, the deal could be the start of building an enterprise that can endure. I actually love baseball and in particular going to summer evening games with friends and family to take in a game and commiserate. So take all this as just the ramblings of a punch drunk Braves fan looking for a better way. Baseball is doing OK, but their ratings and attendance are sinking. Regional college football games beat out the world series games, which turned out to be insanely dramatic and entertaining. Beyond the pros of the labor deal, there are a few suggestions I would like to recommend for taking MLB to the next level centered around 4 areas; length of season, number of games, playoff format and parity.

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