June/July 2012 – Glass Half Full

So, I know I am late with this blog posting; but I have a good excuse, if you’ll indulge me. I can unequivocally say, that these last two months have been the most whirlwind ride I have ever been on. In a nutshell, June and July were a combined massive freight train of activity that ran over me at full speed. I admit I felt a bit overwhelmed at times but I came away from it all thankful that my life is as eventful as it is. Hence, the title of this blog post. Two weddings, hosting another, going through the tech startup pains, birthday parties, house warming parties and wrapping up a successful 2011-2012 Xterra Trail running campaign. Yeah, this summer has been a marathon in many ways.

A Guide to Cycling Supplements

Dietary supplements are big business. You only have to walk into a health food store to see that. However, knowing what to use and when can be a minefield for an experienced athlete, never mind someone stepping up their cycling training. The claims made can be spectacular, almost too good to be true – unfortunately, they generally are.  Below, we go through some of the key supplements that will help you go faster on your bike. Some will enhance your ability to recover between training