281.2 – Day 28

Done and done and done! Yes friends, the 281.2 mile quest is complete. As of this morning’s spin class, I have wrapped up all the mileage I needed to reach my goals for the month.

281.2 – Day 27

Today I was reminded why trying to do so many miles in one month has been so daunting before. The flat out fatigue can really hit you all at once.

281.2 – Day 26

So today was a recovery day from that long bike ride yesterday. I planned on playing some golf with my buddies as a leisurely way to pass the time while I recovered in time for tomorrow’s swim workout.

281.2 – Day 25

This Saturday, unlike the previous ones, I didn’t engage in a long run but instead a long bike ride. I went to the Silver Comet Trail and rode for 50 miles.

281.2 – Day 24

Well, I am glad I front loaded most of my training at the beginning of the month because the wear and tare is starting to show. It’s not that I didn’t want to work out this morning, it’s that my body didn’t. I had in mind to do a double session today, swim in the morning and strength train around lunch. I settled for just swimming. I had only 1 mile to go to reach my swim goal, but it might as well have been 10.

281.2 – Day 23

Thursday is usually a rest day for me. Since I took last Sunday off after the half marathon, I decided to work out this morning. I took it relatively easy, focusing on core strength exercises and some rowing.