Wahoo Fitness App and HR Monitor Review

In the past I’ve written a lot here about tracking my workouts here but I haven’t always had all of the data that I would like to have around my workouts. Recently Angela and I put money into purchasing heart rate monitors to enhance the detail around our workouts. We tried a couple of different heart rate monitors including the Polar H7 and the Wahoo Blue HR monitor. Both of which utilize Bluetooth Smart technology to connect and stream heart rate data to your Bluetooth Smart enabled phone. Each monitor rests in a strap that you wear around chest. After trying out the Polar it to be inconsistent in its compatibility and performance with many of the apps that we like to use. We switched to the Wahoo because it came highly recommended from a number of sites and is RunKeeper endorsed.

Garmin Swim Watch Review

So anyone who’s followed my fitness blogging on my website knows that for long time I have wanted a device or app that would help me with the swimming portion of my training. Well, I finally broke down and spent the $150 and bought the Garmin Swim Watch to help me track all the metrics related to swimming. I got the watch through REI using the fall member discount, so I saved 20% on the price. I debated for long time between getting the Garmin Swim watch and the Finess Swimsense watch. After reading a lot of the online reviews and different fitness sites, I decided to go with the Garmin Swim watch.

Snip.it for Content Discovery

There is an abundant and ever growing sea of content available on the internet. Let’s be honest, a lot of it is cats, gifs, fluff or flat out garbage. Getting your own to bubble to the top or finding stuff worth reading can be difficult if you are in the business of creating/sharing content through social media to promote a brand or product or consuming it for self satisfaction. There are a lot of web reader type tools out there that can help you collect links and organize them for reading later, but that is content you have already found and directly pertaining to something immediately interesting to you. If we start tabula rasa in a search for content, where would you go to get great content?

The Content Pyramid

What is the Content Pyramid? It might be better to define what is Content Marketing first and then address how the Content Pyramid applies to it.

500 KM Challenge – Second Update

Well, I’ll start by getting straight into it. I didn’t hit my 500 km goal for September. I did a total of 230 miles last month, about 70 miles or 23% short of the 310 miles I needed. I was unfortunately derailed by a chest infection during the latter part of the month that kept me sidelined. I tried a workout now and then but they were wasted efforts where I found it hard to breath most of the time. Disappointing I know, but I am not Superman and shouldn’t expect Herculean efforts to just come to me.