Big Kahuna Ironman – 7 Weeks

While training this week and reading some advice columns on training I cam across a great quote regarding the key to becoming a better triathlete:

You have to learn to become comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations.

Big Kahuna Ironman – 8 Weeks

Competing in and doing well at the Splash & Dash this past Thursday has Angela and I becoming even bigger triathlon junkies than we already were. I never caught the marathon bug; having no interest in doing another one after I completed my third one a few years back. On the other hand, I am already looking forward to and planning to do so many more triathlons even after the Big Kahuna race.

Big Kahuna Ironman – 9 Weeks

There aren’t many words to describe the feeling of being out in the ocean with some baby seals, battling through giant kelt, watching out for sting rays and leopard sharks, and battling 3-5 foot waves. Awesome, just about sums it up all up. I only wish I had a camera to catch what I saw and experienced. I think I will invest in a GoPro Camera for the next ocean swim. It’s just insane to look down at water a 100 plus feet below you and see the amount of sea life below you, roll over to blue skies, gaze over to the cliffs at the sea lions and be pushing yourself to keep going when the land doesn’t seem to be getting any closer. Other than finishing my first marathon, this may have been the greatest moment in my athletic life ever.

Big Kahuna Ironman – 10 Weeks

I really have to credit my increased discipline and smarter recovery techniques with being able to take my training up a notch. I was able to cycle 64 miles on the last day of June and bounce right back and keep training the next couple of days. My current recovery concoction is a combination drink that helps speed up muscle repair. I take a 500 ml bottle of water and add to it a scoop of Amazing Grass Trio, two table spoons of L-Glutamine, and one FRS Energy Shot. Shake and serve cold; voila, instant magic in a bottle.