Thursday Tech Tip – Deploy AMP Stack on OS X 10.9 Mavericks

I just got a new machine to work on and building off my own previous advice, I set it up as a brand new machine and migrated nothing from my old one. That being said I had to go about rebuilding my entire dev environment and installing all my applications. While doing so I came across a great write up by Neil Gee on how to quickly get a localhost web server environment going in Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. The how to was a huge time server and I thought I would repost it here. So, if you work in a LAMP development environment and find yourself upgrading or getting a new Mavericks machine, this guide will come in very handy.

Pardot gives Startups that Enterprise Boost.

The main thing I would recommend a colleague do is to make sure that their SalesForce implementation and their respective email marketing platform can even integrate with Pardot first and to seek out a Pardot implementation partner to consult on their project. Even though our implementation did not go as fast as we would like, we still found it very helpful to have the consultants that we did and that we did a lot of SFDC clean up and email marketing set up before the integration. Having done so, we were able to test from day one and utilize the platform fully within a week.

Garmin 910 XT Watch Review

“The 910XT sports a slim profile and comfortable wristband. Easy-to-read display with customizable fields — show 1-4 data points per screen on up to four pages. The new Virtual Racer™ feature lets you race your previous bests or an activity from another user and accounts for varying speeds and real-time conditions. Or try the Virtual Partner® feature to see how you measure up to a static pace. The auto multisport feature lets you switch sport modes with a button press, so you don’t lose precious seconds in transition. Automatically transfers a completed activity to your Mac® or PC when in range. Analyze your workout later at Garmin Connect™. For those who want to take their bike training to the next level, the 910XT is compatible with ANT+™ power meters, like Vector™, Garmin’s pedal-based
power meter.”

Thursday Tech Tip – Parsing JSON with handlebars.js

In the interest of sharing examples of from lessons learned, I have created a demo and write up on how to use the handlebars.js library for processing JSON data returned by an API call and then dynamically display that content on a web page. I deal with JSON data more and more in my work projects and happen to prefer it to XML data, partly because of XML data can be rather large and clunky to deal with. Leveraging handlebars.js allows me to quickly traverse JSON arrays and grab the necessary key : value pairs I need for rendering content. I hope others find this useful. The linked example demonstrates how to use the Gilt API to get current sale items by category, and then use handlebars.js to translate the resulting json data into nice neat little card style objects. Any API that returns JSON data could be substituted in.

Thursday Tech Tip – Sending HTTP Posts in iOS

I came across a challenge the other day at work while trying to incorporate a click event into an iOS app. Essentially, when a user clicks on an object within the app that involves a segue sequence, for example an article in an RSS reader app, we want to record that click by logging it in an app on a remote server. I tried to use some of my company’s existing JavaScript functions that make API calls to our remote observation server.

Nike Free Running Shoes Review

Since April of 2009, I have managed to run over 2,600 miles across paved road, trails and treadmills. Over that time, I have put many shoe brands and models through the test. I once ran exclusively in Adidas but their shoes let me down one too many times. They ran too narrow, had too much cushioning and did not breath well at all. While my love of Adidas faded, my love for the Nike Free running shoe series has grown. The Nike Free series is a system of minimalist shoes that offer a range of cushioning and fore foot flexion that you can’t find in almost any other line. What I love most about them is that they offer 3 different levels of cushioning that allow you to transition year over year to a more minimalist shoe. The shoe soles come in a 5 mm, 4mm and 3 mm heel drop. Each pair becomes more and more aggressive and advanced as you progress through the line.

Scott CR1 30 Bike Review

“The SCOTT CR1 30’s IMP Carbon frame offers the perfect balance of performance and comfort at a more affordable price point. Designed to save the rider from shock and vibration, the CR1 is the ideal choice for the enthusiast who wants to enjoy long rides but doesn’t want to feel beat up at the end of the day. Equipped with performance oriented components, this is the most affordable of the CR1 family.”