December 30 Day Ab Challenge

I came across this 30 Day Ab Challenge while scouring Pinterest earlier today. I have been looking for some fitness motivation outside of my usual running over the last few weeks. I think I have found it and I hope some of you might join me in attempting to complete all these workouts over the next month. There is one rest day included every 5 days and the workouts build by 5% each session. So, if you stay consistent, it is very doable.

2014 Race Calendar

“Dreaming Season”…it’s the time of year when we, as athletes, start to think of all the ways that we may go further, race smarter, and be better in the coming year. To kick off the dreaming season, November is all about YOU. We’ll be asking about YOUR dreams, sharing YOUR stories, and celebrating the possibility of what YOU could achieve in 2014.

Thursday Tech Tip – RequireJS

Yesterday, one of my colleagues gave a tech talk on RequireJS, which is an upcoming JavaScript library/resource for helping you manage, well, all of your other JavaScript libraries. Much of today’s web development is dependent on the tight and well timed integration of multiple JavaScript libraries, plug-ins, etc. One of the key issues with this approach is that the use of multiple libraries creates interdependencies that are often contingent on the well timed loading of various resources and/or objects into the DOM. If a resource in the DOM is not loaded at just the right time or the value of that resource is not set or changes, than the resources you are hoping to leverage from say, handlebars.js, won’t load correctly and your web application could fail.

The Training Formula

I’ve been at this endurance sports thing (1 hour or longer events) for a few years now and next year feels like it will be my senior year in the my endurance training education. Through those years I have definitely seen some grade A performances but there have been some F’s and everything in between. Reflecting back, I think I have finally come close to defining the training formula, that allows work/life balance along with injury prevention. The tips in this post come out of all of my collected mental notes from the past few years. This guide is not a one size fits all, but a blue print I have found that works and that you can tailor for yourself.

Thursday Tech Tip – UI Scripting on Mac OS X

I used to leverage Automator a lot more between 2003 and 2005 but for some reason got away from it. After I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro and set it up as a new machine, I rediscovered the joys of automation with Automator and AppleScript. Also, I mentioned the benefits of taking the ‘Setup as a New Device’ approach in a previous post. Well, while setting up the new device I noticed I was doing a lot of time consuming set up tasks that I wish I could automate. Well, I then rediscovered Automator and AppleScript. Now, I am leveraging them more and more in my work for testing and prototyping web services along with personal tasks like file and system management.