Thursday Tech Tip – WCF Web Services & iOS

One of the best iOS development tutorials I have ever come across. Even better, he provides expert advice on building a web service and working with it in both Xcode and JavaScript/ I took a shortcut and used Firebase for my backend web service but it all works the same.

Thursday Tech Tip – LOYAL3

I learned yesterday about an upcoming trading platform that grants the general public access to IPOs at roughly the same time as Wall Street Firms. I was invited by a company I’ve done business with in the past to participate in their upcoming IPO through their launch partner LOYAL3. What really caught my attention where two key features LOYAL3 offers for the everyman. The first is early access to IPOs from well known brands as well as the new and growing companies. Usually you need to be an Angel/Seed investor, early employee, or Wall Street firm to get this kind of access.