2014 Race Calendar

18 Nov , 2013 Sports

2014 Race Calendar

This week I got an email from Training Peak’s declaring that “It’s Officially Dreaming Season.”

“Dreaming Season”…it’s the time of year when we, as athletes, start to think of all the ways that we may go further, race smarter, and be better in the coming year. To kick off the dreaming season, November is all about YOU. We’ll be asking about YOUR dreams, sharing YOUR stories, and celebrating the possibility of what YOU could achieve in 2014.

So with that I thought that I would share with everyone what Angela, Tyler and I are dreaming up for  2014. The events below by using our “Pick Your A Races” mantra. By that I mean, we selected races based on specific criteria. I would say first in that check list is the Reputation of that race and how long it has been around. We have had our fill of helping race directors work out kinks in their races using us as Guinea Pigs. So, we won’t sign up for the inaugural or first run race again; unless it is from a group like Competitor who runs the Rock n’ Roll running series. If a race is expanding to a new city, we may give them the benefit of the doubt. Any available reviews we can find, as well as input from friends factors into the reputation of the race.

The second selection criteria is Timing. We have a few key races that will be our big races of the year. It is important that the races around it time well with those milestone events. Competition dates should ideally be about a couple of weeks apart based on race distance and type. Also, we like for most of our events to serve as tune-up races to the bigger races. For example, we’ll use an Olympic distance triathlon earlier in the year to help tune up for a IronMan race. Where the race falls on the actual calendar is a part of our timing choice. In that, we generally don’t like to participate during the hottest and coldest periods of the year. So, if the race is in July and in a usually hot area, you probably won’t find us there.

Which leads me to Location. When it comes to location as a criteria there are many pieces to that question. Elevation, travel time to & from, average temperatures, and things to do in that area are all a part of the location criteria. For example, we would pass on an IronMan race in Denver or Tahoe due to the high elevation, freezing temps seen at this past year’s Tahoe race, and intense amount of vertical climbing at both. Instead, I would use RunTri.com‘s data to pick a race like the Augusta IronMan, which has some of the fastest average times in every discipline and age group. Not to mention that it is close to Atlanta where we grew up and can use the trip to visit friends and family.

Lastly, there is Pricing/Value. When it comes to pricing and value, what we are looking for are race fees comparable to within 10% of similar events. Additionally, I am not looking for anymore cotton t-shirts so the swag is kind of important. We’re hoping for some decent perks, especially as prices increase. For example, the first race on our list is an example of a good value to us. It takes place in San Francisco, so we can make a short weekend trip out of it. Plus, they throw in a high quality fleece lined running hooded sweatshirt and a reusable ceramic travel mug. It is a 15K distance event at a cost of $69 with early registration. We ran the race in Atlanta and got to check out the details of it at our last expo. So, it met pretty much every criteria for us except temperature; but I can be cold for at least one race.

So below, is the actual race calendar for 2014. Like all things, it is subject to change. Hopefully , we will see many of our friends and family participating with us at some of these events. Additionally, if you are looking to test out a Training Peaks Pro account, until November 22, you can try TrainingPeaks Premium for 7 days free with the coupon code 2014DREAMS.


MONTH DATE RACE                     NOTES


JANUARY 1/12 Hot Chocolate 15K


MARCH 3/23 March Tri SLO


APRIL 4/6 SF Rock n’ Roll 13.1

  4/13 HITS Napa Tri Olympic


  4/27 Big Sur Relay Marathon

MAY 5/1 Splash & Dash 1 1 swim/3 run


  5/4 Wildflower Tri Olympic


JUNE 6/5 Splash & Dash 2 1 swim/3 run


  6/22 Reservoir Triathlon Olympic

JULY 7/4 Peachtree RR
10K – Tyler


  7/13 TRI for Real Tri Olympic


  7/14 Jungle Run 13.1 – Tyler

AUGUST 8/7 Splash & Dash 4 1 swim/3 run


SEPTEMBER 9/13 Pacific Grove Tri Olympic


  9/28 Augusta IronMan 70.3


OCTOBER 10/5 SJ Rock N’ Roll 13.1

  10/19 SD Challenge Tri International


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