February 28 Lunge Challenge

Here is a great workout challenge for February 2014. I came across this challenge on Yvette Salva Fitness Blog. A great way for the runners among you to get stronger and get to where you want to be.

Thursday Tech Tip – iPhone Camera Zoom Accessories

I purchased this really great accessory this week on advice from Tyler Lu. I had been reticent to try any of those goofy iPhone camera accessories you often see at those shady mall kiosks. However, I noticed Tyler using a zoom lens on his iPhone and asked him about it. Turns out it was one of those same odd looking accessories I had been avoiding. He showed me a few sample pictures he had taken and I was impressed. At the price of $10 on average I thought it would be worth a shot.

Training Update – January 2014

This week I wanted to provide a quick training update on how 2014 is going so far and I’ve got great news to share. First off, I have picked up a sponsorship with TriSports.com, one of the leading online retailers for all things Triathlon. TriSports has added me to their TriSports’ Champions team for the 2014 season. As a member of this team, you will see me wearing a lot of TriSports gear at all my races and events during the 2014 calendar. TriSports is also going to be helping support this blog and my efforts to bring great product reviews and training analysis.

Thursday Tech Tip – iOS SubViews

Today’s tip involves how to create custom view controllers in Xcode 5. Creating custom views that leverage multiple custom subviews such as tables and collections is a great way of presenting information to users. However, it is not so straight forward for new iOS developers to master the art of instantiating subviews within a standard view. This approach is especially frustrating when you try to load data into a UICollectionView dynamically from a REST API call.

New Balance Minimus 20V2 Review

I wrote in a previous post about my deep love for the Nike Free running shoe series. I also mentioned in that post, that I was, however, looking to test out a potentially more minimal shoe despite favoring the Nike’s already. I decided to give the New Balance Minimus 20 V2’s a try. I got them on a great deal from The Clymb. Below is my in depth review of this particular model after about 3 months of use. The shoe will probably be up for renewal by the time I release this review but I wanted to be thorough so others could use it as a reference point for deciding on New Balance Minimus shoes in general. Immediately, below is the product description from New Balance themselves.

2014 San Francisco Hot Chocolate 15K Race Report

This race was the first event of 2014 for us. We at first heard about the hot chocolate series while living in Atlanta and heard lots of good things about this series from our friends. This series is mostly a fun run type of event, incorporating live music, hot chocolate finisher mug at the finish, warm sweat shirts instead of t-shirts and comfortable race distances. Additionally, for us what makes participating in this event enticing was a combination of factors. The event falls early in enough in the year that it would help motivate us to stay in shape over the holidays. The 15K distance is just the right length to train for that doesn’t require the heavy volumes of a triathlon or half marathon. Also, the swag is not half bad.