March 30 Day Burpee Challenge

Here is a great workout challenge for March 2014. I came across this challenge on 30 Day Fitness Challenge website. A great site that also has a companion app for iOS and Android. Burpees aren’t easy but they may the most complete body weight workout you can do.

Thursday Tech Tip – Garmin Workouts

I’ve been under taking some of the most complex workouts I have ever tried after starting my new training program with TriDot Training Systems. Many of the workouts involve warm up, interval, cruise and cool down phases/steps with specific duration, heart rate, pace, or power/cadence goals for each segment. After doing the first couple of workouts, I realized that printing them out or glancing at my phone constantly to see what step was coming up next was just not going to work. Referral Codes

My gear is in and I have 20% off referral codes for friends and family that are interested in getting some top flight gear at a deal. Just send me an email if you want a code.

Thursday Tech Tip – Custom UICollectionViews

I dealt with a frustrating Xcode 5 situation earlier this week. I was trying to add a custom UICollectionView at the bottom of a standard UIView but was running into serious memory leaks. The app I was working on kept crashing and freezing up and what’s worse is that I was not getting any Xcode specific errors. I had a feeling that it had something to do with the UICollectionView I had added and was populating with data from a REST call. I was hoping to recreate the effect you see to the right here in the Flipboard app.