April 30 Day Running Challenge

This month’s fitness challenge is all about running. In all my years of running, I have had very much a love/hate relationship with it. However, after the events at the Boston Marathon last year, I will always 100% appreciate my ability to do it. There will always be those days I would rather sleep in than bang out another five miles; but the right to make that choice on my accord is what makes Freedom so great. Unfortunately, too many had that choice taken from them by a couple of degenerates not even worth mentioning.

Thursday Tech Tip – A Few Recommendations

I came across a slew of really cool tech tools and gadgets this week. So, I will share a few of the choice ones here. I really geeked out on a lot of these tools and technologies this week. My three favorite are below covering three specify areas, hardware, software and learning.

Spring Shoe Selection

I have eclipsed 360 miles on my New Balance Minimus V20’s and that means it is time to pick up a new pair of running shoes. I have narrowed the field down to three choices. I am debating between the Under Armour SpeedForm RC Running Shoe, 2014 Nike Free 3.0 with FlyKnit, or the 2014 New Balance Minimus Zero V2. I have earlier experience with the Nike and New Balance shoes but the Under Armour are a gamble. Especially coming from the drama involving them and the US Olympic Speed Skating team at the Sochi Olympics. Though I blame most of that performance on the team and not Under Armour.

Thursday Tech Tip – AJAX Cross Domain

At work I do a lot of prototyping against API services that come from both internal and external sources. If you are on a Mac and testing locally a web page that leverages API calls from the client side in the Safari browser, there are no issues there. It is when you want to host these files and share your demo that issues arise. I am not a command line jockey, so configuring test boxes for server-side REST calls is not something I like to spend a ton of time on. So, I often have to rely on a Cross Domain Scripting hack or two for my client-side calls to work.

Zoom Quarry Lakes 10K – Race Report

This race report is not long since the event was a pretty short and small race. Our friends Jason and Sarah referred to this race. This event is one of those classic small running community type of races. No bands, no large production quality, even the t-shirts were an optional $5 upgrade if you wanted them. For the lack of all the “Big Race” extras you get just plain good old-fashioned racing. These small events really are all about raw racing with plenty of room for beginners also.

Thursday Tech Tip – Lighter View Controllers

Today’s tip is short and sweet. I recently subscribed to Objc.io, which is self-described “periodical about best practices and advanced techniques in Objective-C.” In their very first issue they discuss view controllers and how they almost inherently become unwieldy beats within our application code. The first issue focuses on ideas, designs, and best practices for keeping view controllers light and flexible and moving your reusable code into a, such as, “myApplication.h/.m” class that can handle most of your application’s heavy lifting.

Vitamin D and Athletes

Around this time last year, I moved to Northern California and had my first doctor’s appointment for an annual exam. I was surprised to learn that one of the results from my battery of tests was that I was Vitamin D deficient. This was a real shock to me, especially given my lifestyle. I walk 15 minutes to and from work everyday outside. I exercise outside 7 or more hours a week. I assumed I was getting more than my healthy share of Vitamin D. In talking to my doctor that is not in fact the case. For one, when I walk to work I am wearing clothes that cover 80-90% of my body. I often pass under awnings and shade and am in direct sunlight for only a very short period of time. When I work out, I am also pretty covered up and wearing enough sunblock that I might as well be working out at night.