Endurance Sports and Heart Health

There has been a lot of discussion over the past weeks/months over the growing concern about risks to heart health for endurance athletes. The Journal of the Missouri State Medical Association published a study that identified that “chronic” endurance exercise, (i.e. marathoning) is linked to surprising levels of arterial plaque even more so than compared to a sedentary control group. Another article on Active.com emphasizes how it is the volume beyond a normal one hour effort that puts us at risk. More specifically, “your body is designed to deal with oxidative stress that comes from exercise for the first hour… but prolonged intense exercise causes excessive oxidative stress, which basically burns through the antioxidants in your system and predisposes you to problems.”

San Diego Triathlon Challenge – Fundraising

This year, Angela and I are taking on an ambitious fundraising challenge to raise $2,000 or more for the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF). The 2014 San Diego Triathlon Challenge is the 21st annual race of what has come to be known as the “Best Day in Triathlon.” This event brings celebrities, pro athletes, amateur and challenged athletes together in La Jolla Cove every year to raise awareness and support for athletes with disabilities every where. I love sport and even more love helping people. Bringing the two together is a opportunity both Angela and I are proud to share and embrace.

Thursday Tech Tip – Faster Garmin Uploads

A quick tip today for those who own Garmin fitness devices that don’t automatically upload via WiFi. Such as the Garmin Forerunner 910 XT or 210 or Fenix v1. Recently, I noticed that my uploads using the Garmin ANT Agent or Garmin Express apps on Macs were taking a long time. They uploads were especially slow on sites like MapMyRun and RunKeeper that integrate with those apps. I figured, that part of the problem was that the sheer number of workouts I have recorded must be slowing down the process.

May 30-Day Beach Body Challenge

Summer is pretty much here and that means plenty of beach weekends to come. Here is a great workout challenge for May 2014 to help get you in swim suit shape. I came across this challenge on 30-Day Fitness Challenge website. A great site that also has a companion app for iOS and Android. This series will not be easy but the pay off and look in the mirror will be. To gauge the results at the end, take a “Before” picture at the start of the challenge and an “After” picture when complete. Pace yourself, stay consistent and enjoy. Feel to share, pin and repost as you want.