Tech Tip – Social Clean Up

I recently took on challenge to unlike/un-follow every non-personal social media profile that I wasn’t personally connected to. The idea came to me after reading a few articles on the affect that all those pages we like on Facebook have on the feed of posts we actually see in the app. My interest stemmed, from trying to take a week long break from social media only to come back to it and find that I couldn’t really navigate my way through the noise of posts and updates that cluttered my various feeds. It felt like tools that were supposed to help me connected to friends and family only left me better informed about companies I had liked than the people I cared about. At the same time I came across a couple of articles that hit on the same notes.

2014 Santa Rosa Half Marathon Race Report

This race was supposed to be Tyler Lu’s Boston Marathon qualifying race. A fortunate scholarship win took him away for the race weekend so I paid the fee to have the entry switched to my name and the distance changed to a half marathon from a full one. We were introduced to this race by our friend Sarah who had used this race to qualify for Boston herself. The race takes place just north of Sonoma in the Santa Rosa region of wine country. The idea of a weekend watching auto races at Infineon, Shakespeare under the stars at Buena Vista Vineyards and running in one of the fastest half marathon courses could not be passed up.

Thursday Tech Tip – Speeding Up iOS Messages App

If you use iMessages a lot then you know that the performance can become sluggish over time. The reason for this slowness is because messages keeps a history of contacts you have messaged both individually and in groups. Overtime, this will become a big and unwieldy list, which could become slow at populating when trying to start, find or contribute to a chat.

2014 Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit Review

Earlier in the year I debated on what shoes to purchase as my main running shoes for the 2014 season. I primarily compared the Nike Free 3 Flyknit and the New Balance Minimus 10V2. I decided to go with the Nike Free based on recent history and success in those shoes. I set both a half marathon and 10K PR in my previous Nike Free’s and hoped to continue that success. After a couple hundred miles and a few races in the 2014 editions, I feel safe in providing my review of them.

2014 Tri Santa Cruz Race Report

This race was the second time that I competed in the Tri Santa Cruz Olympic distance race. We generally try not to repeat races each year but due to the drought conditions in California, ocean races are pretty much all we have to do. Also, this race is one of the better organized and easily accessible ones. We really enjoyed last year’s race, so it was any easy decision to participate again this year.