Week by Week – W05Y2016

So many things and events shape who we are, and those intricate details are what I love about people so much. Rich experiences that make people unique and beautiful.

Week by Week – W04Y2016

Very very eventful week. Discovering the joys of ClassPass for athletic training. I hope to write a formal review about the service later. We’re making great progress on planning the landscaping updates at the house.

Week by Week – W03Y2016

Great progress on sticking with training plan. Working very hard at trying to find the time to start and complete many side projects. Planning has started on additional renovations to the house.

Week by Week – W02Y2016

Jumped right back into the full swing this week. Trip to NYC for work and heavy training with a mind to complete a half marathon by February. Delayed my start on Guitar and Greek lessons.

Week by Week – W01Y2016

What a great way to wrap up 2015. We tool a trip with 9 other companions to Nashville (NashVegas), where we brought in 2016 with a free Kings of Leon concert on Broadway. Nashville, really is a great city. Food, shopping, dine, art, culture and of course music. One of America’s real gem cities.