Week by Week – W39Y2016

If last week was busy, go, go, go. This week was definitely chillax. I felt older than ever but that is thanks to the increased training load. The fall weather is starting to creep in and we’re starting to get the decorations and planning in order. Fall is by far our favorite time of year. Living in Georgia, it is the relief you earn after suffering through the brutal summer heat and humidity.

Week by Week – W38Y2016

New Apple product launches. Probably the smoothest iPhone pickup I have ever had. No waking up at night and just walked in at lunch to random store and grabbed two. Everyone can relax, the lack of a headphone jack is not a deal breaker. Battery life is good enough you will rarely notice. Besides, more and more people are using bluetooth headphones. Got to attend Music Midtown 2016.

Week by Week – W37Y2016

A great week leading into fall. Travelled to Boston and Cape Cod. Got to catch up with my cousin Michael. I really, really love Cape Cod, especially Provincetown. This area is like Florida but with crazy. Really looking forward to visiting again hopefully next summer for a trip to Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod and Bean town.

Week by Week – W36Y2016

Busy busy. What was supposed to be a lake house weekend trip for Labor Day was rudely interrupted by our car being broken into the night before. So, we rearranged plans to deal with that but had an excellent end to the holiday weekend. Got in some great golfing, walks and runs, and an awesome Monday grilling out in the backyard with family and friends. Always a silver lining.