November 2016

Week by Week – W47Y2016

20 Nov , 2016 Culture,Lifestyle,Travel

New York is truest embodiment of a cultural melting pot. Life for me is all about experience and diversity. I wish everywhere had a little New York in it. A little soul, a little rush, a little conflict and a little chill. Half of America rejects progress and diversity. I know they will lose, progress demands it and history shows we ultimately want to explore and intermingle.

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Week by Week – W46Y2016

15 Nov , 2016 Culture,Lifestyle

The 2016 election cycle is over and frankly, America, you fucked up. I can’t mince words about it. I wrote about what I think needs to change as far as our election system last week and I am reposting them below with one addition. Get rid of the Electoral College. I am sorry, some dude in bumble-fuck Wyoming just doesn’t count. Liberals naturally congregate to cities where there is diversity and exchange of ideas, perspectives, and experiences. People who choose to isolate themselves and their minds should not impact those that try and make this world a better place. I plan to respond to this election by using something I am good at, technology. I have faith that it can ultimately bring people together and stop the anti-progressive elements of society.

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2016 Election Results – NeverTrump

9 Nov , 2016 Culture,Lifestyle

If you are at all disappointed with the election results, don’t take these next 4 years whining or cowering. Be disruptive, challenge every idea, be engaged and the greatest American you can be. Remind those celebrating that time moves forward and progress comes with it. Their victory will be fleeting and their repressive dogma will eventually die with them. We now must take up Obama’s fight on our own shoulders. At the face to face and local level we must call out and fight bigotry, sexism and hate wherever we see it. We must help one another to succeed though they’ll strive to see us fail.

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Week by Week – W45Y2016

7 Nov , 2016 Culture,Sports,Travel

The 2016 election cycle is almost over and with that we all hope to take a collective sigh of relief. What comes after, one ca n only wonder. Regardless, I take away three lessons from this past year and hope that we can chisel away at their underlying root cause in the hopes of repairing our broken political system. For me, it all starts upstream. The selection process is putting too many subpar candidates and undeserving people into office. So, all my suggestions impact the selection process. I have faith that if we can put the right people in office, they can at least try to work together versus pandering towards extreme members of a political base.

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