Week by Week – W13Y2017

My exhaustion has reached level 10. I believe there is a pronounced personality misalignment with the project team I am on but I am trying to tough it out. Also, LaGuardia is the airport where dreams are crushed, 6 flights in 6 weeks and only 1 has been on time. None of this frustration is helped by how NYC cold snaps can kick your butt.

Week by Week – W12Y2017

Another busy week and my first time experiencing a NYC Snow Storm. After these past four-week, I don’t believe I could be anymore tired. The travel up and down is mentally and physically growing. The hot, then cold, and then hot again constant temperature changes is maddening. You have to pack everything; to that point, […]

Week by Week – W11Y2017

The beginning of a week can have so much sway over how the rest will play out. I made a big mistake and flew up to NYC on a Monday morning around 6:45 am. I was drained and wiped the whole rest of the week. I know better and need to hit the ground on Mondays with more energy and a better mood. To that end, I have made Mondays a dedicated being a rest day from training and a triple coffee day in order to get shit done.

Week by Week – W10Y2017

The traveling marathon has begun. I could probably run a blog on just the everyday experiences of business travel but I don’t like to relive the struggle more than I already do. What’s different this year is that the schedule and destination is set way in advance. Same client, location and dates for the foreseeable future. So, if there is any silver lining in all this travel, it is that I can still maintain some semblance of my everyday life when I am not on the road.