281.2 – Day 11

11 Aug , 2012 281.2,Sports

281.2 – Day 11

To say today was busy would be an understatement; but like I have said before, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It started with a 5:30 am wake up to take care of some errands followed by our long run which can be compared to last Saturday’s long run. I shot for a total distance of 10+ miles and one and a half hours of total duration. I exceeded my distance goal and met the duration goal.

The run, however, was not easy and I am still feeling the effects of it as I write this at 10:45 pm at night. My right hamstring has been stressing me for some time now and this morning it was a noticeable impediment to my pace during the run and recovery afterwards. I really need to take some time to treat it in a more focused way than just the standard RICE approach. It’s just hard to find the amount of time to take off of training to let it heal all the way.

This dilemma is one all athletes face constantly, working through the pain. I am very pleased though that I was able to persevere through the pain. I owe a lot of that strength to the endurolyte pills I take that are loaded with sodium and help fight cramps. I also think that the careful planning allowed me to stay at a threshold that I could keep up despite the pain. Despite the fatigue I left feeling stronger about my chances at the next half-marathon in a week. I probably won’t PR but I think I can maintain a competitive pace.

As for riding tomorrow morning, I am not looking forward to it. I am really starting to feel the fatigue set in as I near the halfway point of my distances for the month. These moments are why I say this challenge is a marathon and not a sprint. You can’t let your highs get to high or your lows to low. Staying even keeled is the only way to keep perspective and get to done. I think I will take a much easier route than I have done of late and will focus on just hitting my distance and not a particular time.

Anyway, we followed up the run by having brunch with our friends and then hunting down some more pictures of Buckhead Bucks, the new Bourne film with our nephews, dinner and then a short hike up and down Stone Mountain park. It was the first time the boys had been to the top of the park and the weather and timing worked out great. The hike put me at a total distance of over 13.1 miles on the day and feeling like an old man. Again though, this is how I would have it, so I can capture moments like the one below.


Stone Mountain

Top of Stone Mountain Park at sunset.

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