281.2 – Day 12

12 Aug , 2012 281.2,Sports

I really looked forward to a great ride thanks to a cool start to this Sunday morning. It so felt like fall was in the air. All that was missing was the changing leaves. We actually delayed our start time a bit, because it was in the 60’s at 8:00 am. Unlike running, a cool breeze doesn’t feel as good on a bike when you are riding 15 – 20+ miles an hour. The wind starts to feel more like the freezer door is open than relaxing.

We had a great ride and maintained a nice recovery style pace after the run and hike from yesterday. It also gave me a chance to teach Angela some more riding tricks like trying to go hands free, climbing out of the saddle, and pacing. We have a lot of riding to get in between now and The Beautiful Back Country ride and the Spin for Kids Charity ride. I hope we can shoot for a metric century at one of those two (100km/62miles).

This weekend really took a lot out of us. At 2:00 pm today I passed out for nearly a 3 hour nap. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t sleep much, let alone nap. All the training eventually caught up with us. Luckily, the upcoming week is a tapering week before the half marathon, so we’ll get more rest this week.

The main reason for tapering is to get yourself as close to 100% for race day as possible. I’ll explain more during the coming week. Essentially, I kept the stress off of my hamstrings today and kept my aerobic output capped at around 80%. If the weather stays cool, I might be able to chase my PR. Below is a picture of the retired train caboose turned patrol station along the Silver Comet trail.

Silver Comet Train.jpg

Silver Comet Train

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