281.2 – Day 13

13 Aug , 2012 281.2,Sports

Another day, another workout. I’ve been pretty lucky now. Two great swim sessions in a row now. Conditions today at the pool at L.A. Fitness mirrored those from last Friday. I really enjoyed today’s workout and realized that I can probably meet and exceed my swimming goal for the month. I will miss a day of swim training, however, because I will not practice on Friday because I will be tapering ahead of the Area 13.1 half marathon on Saturday.

A couple of interesting debates popped up today during my various meetings that were sports related that I wanted to share here. I will share them as polls and keep this overall post short. The first is the question of whether or not you think Usain Bolt is doping. Before you answer, consider the fact that two of his Jamaican teammates were recently caught doping, his trainer is one of the former leaders at Balco and his times dropped rather dramatically over the course of a year. I’ve written posts in the past about what I think about performance enhancing drugs and how I think that drawing the line of what is a PED and what isn’t.

Is Usain Bolt Doping?

The second question is about the addition of the trampoline as an Olympic sport. I think it is not a sport. A friend of mine added that the IOC should exclude any event where the winner is decided by a judge rather than in the field of play. The idea being that the athletes themselves don’t really control their own destiny’s in judged events as they do in other events like swimming (see Lochte vs Phelps). Not to mention that trampoline is something that my 5 year old niece is probably a world class expert at.

Should trampoline be an Olympic sport.

Tonight’s picture is the updated collection of Buckhead Bucks I have snapped pictures of. I have only a couple more to collect that I know of.

Buckhead Bucks

Buckhead Bucks

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