281.2 – Day 14

14 Aug , 2012 281.2,Sports

281.2 – Day 14

Today’s cycling class was probably the last really intense workout we’ll do before our half marathon on Saturday. Tomorrow we’ll go out on an easy run in the evening of about 4.1 miles just to work out any pre-race kinks and then follow up that with a casual walk on Thursday morning, and go into as relaxed a state as possible on Friday. As far as class went today, it was great as usual. Rebecca threw in some new twists that mad class more challenging.

While I was in spin class I thought of something I haven’t shared yet. I wanted to share something else that I found helps me with all my training. The power of visualization. I had two soccer coaches, one in youth programs and one in college, who stressed how visualization in sports yields results. I believe in this philosophy and utilize it whenever I can.

Like in the image below, I like to imagine being on the road, in the middle of a competitive race to make spin class more fun. When running I imagine the adversities that could pop up and other competitors around me. When swimming I try to place myself in the middle of a triathlon swim wave out in open water. Visualizing future performance during training is like getting a practice within a practice.


Visualizing Cycling

I also wanted to note that spin classes can fill up fast. Like swimming at the pool you should bring your running shoes and have an alternate workout plan in case you don’t get a seat. It is a good idea to invest in a good gym bag to accommodate all this stuff I am suggesting you bring.  The best gym bag that I have seen is the OGIO Locker Bag, pictured below. It fits neatly in most gym lockers and keeps everything neat and organized. Especially if you shower or change at the gym.

OGIO Gym Bag

OGIO Gym Bag

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