281.2 – Day 15

15 Aug , 2012 281.2,Sports

Day 15 and half way there. A short 4.1 mile run in relatively mild weather to mentally prepare for the evening race this Saturday. My focus was on gauging how I felt mentally and physically entering the single digits of a half marathon. The pace was about 85% of my target race pace so as not to strain myself leading up to the race. I felt pretty good, although running in the evening is noticeably different for mem given all the morning workouts I do. So, Saturday will prove interesting.

At the half way point of the month I am well over 50% of the way to reaching my training goals. I am very much tempted to bump up all three of my target goals and shoot for a total of 300 miles or more. Except, I have been here before and then things break down. So, I’ll play it safe and stick with the plan for now. I do give a lot of credit to this daily blogging for helping me stay organized  and focused. I feel like the whole world is training along with me, though it’s only a handful of friends and family.

After tonight’s run, I’ll have 72 hours to recover between now and Saturday’s run. That amount of time happens to be the minimum recommended amount of time you should rest before a big race. Along with that, if you’re going to experiment with nutrition, do so on regular training days. You don’t know how your body will react to new supplements, so don’t introduce them on race days. Case in point tonight. I tried a new sodium capsule, Salt Stick, and it sucked. I picked up a trial size this weekend and I think I’ll stick with my regular s-caps.

My preferred brand of sodium supplements is the Hammer Nutrition Endurolyte brand (picture below). I have found them to be reliable and really good at staving off cramps. Another way to fight cramps is to do an alcohol purge the week of a race. Avoiding as much as you can and focusing on taking in as much plain water as possible leading up to the event. We’ll stick to that rule most of this week, except for the Braves game tomorrow night. The last thing I’ll share is that we also use TENS units at home to help with muscle tension.  I’ll probably write more about them tomorrow since my post would be bare because I won’t have any training activity to report.



Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes

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