281.2 – Day 16

16 Aug , 2012 281.2,Sports

So, my plan was to just walk this morning but I ended up running instead. I have to admit that a wave of anger came over me that fueled my run and drove me to break my tapering rule. That’s another long story and like they say, honey badger don’t care.

Emotionally fueled workouts, however, can be some of the best. I preach to people all the time to channel the energy from anything that may be consuming their thoughts and/or emotions and pour that into their workouts. I did that today and felt better for it.

I know this entire blog category has been about chasing the 281.2 mile goal but I am going to beat that. I just know I can do it and have come up with a bigger challenge for next month. I am calling it the 500km (310 mile) challenge. I am going to chase 10 miles of swimming, 240 miles of cycling and 60 miles of running during September. If it doesn’t break me, I plan to make that my training plan leading up to the IronMan next year.

Wrapped up the night at the Braves game. It was Chipper Jones Bobble Head night. Fried chicken, beer, and baseball, life is good!


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