281.2 – Day 19

19 Aug , 2012 281.2,Sports

Today was another rest day, this time it followed the race day. Well, not a 100% a rest day, we got in a round of golf at Cross Creek as well. It was a good recovery activity, though the fatigue from the race last night did catch up to me by whole 7. I started off well but I just didn’t have the strength to really play 18 holes today. I am struggling to stay awake even now as I write this.

Tomorrow I get back to the regular training grind with a swim workout, but with a fee modifications. A dentist appointment push my workout to the afternoon and the rest of the week will be devoid of any running. I have only 1.8 miles left to reach my running goal, so I will focus on pouring miles into swimming and cycling.

I didn’t take any pictures today, which is sad because I was out and about all day and had plenty of opportunities to do so. I guess I can share an image which haunts and motivates me in the bam of my mind at most times. A symbol of the unattained but just within grasp and what I am training for.


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