281.2 – Day 20

20 Aug , 2012 281.2,Sports

A very short post today. It was back to the regular training schedule and that meant back to swimming today. I started today needing only 2 miles left to each my swimming goals for the month and four scheduled swim sessions left to reach that in. Though I could have broken that distance out over all four swims, I swam a mile today and will shoot for the same in the 3 remaining opportunities. Swimming is my weakest leg in a triathlon, so I should take every opportunity to get stronger at it.

I swam in the afternoon because I had an Orthodontist appointment in the morning but I wish I had tried to fit it in the morning after all. The session was fine from an athletic stand point, but it was the weirdos that come to the gym in the afternoon that were off putting. I really am wired for the morning and should stick to that. If money was no object, I would train in a pool like the infinity pool below. Un-afraid, I wish I could look out onto a vista like this and head on without a course just chasing adventure.

Infinity Pool Bali

Infinity Pool Bali

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