281.2 – Day 21

21 Aug , 2012 281.2,Sports

Well this blog series couldn’t have gone entirely without any drama. Yesterday’s tiny post is followed by today’s long rant. Oh, how L.A. Fitness sucks so much. I got to the gym early at 5:20 am only to be greeted by a facility that wasn’t open on time. The schedule on the door says they open at 5 am, but I guess that time is just a suggestion.

I woke up early and got there early trying to avoid the cluster f#^! that is the process of trying to get a seat for spin and to get some core strength training in before class. The gym, I guess, had other plans. I wish the Forum at Lenox had a pool so that we could quit this place once and for all.  My piece of advice today, if you can swing it, pay extra for a better membership at a better club.

Fitness clubs like Equinox, The Forum, FlyWheel or Atlanta Triathlon Club are more professional, better managed, and reliable. These facilities are usually founded and operated by former and current athletes and they understand your training needs. As opposed to the black shirts at L.A. who may or may not have ever worked out in their lives. That $25 – 30 price and locations everywhere are the tactics that L.A. uses  to suck us in. There are 3 clubs within 5 miles of our house alone.

Anyway, check out the picture of some of the folks who decided to wait by the door instead of in their cars for the gym to open (faces blurred to protect the innocent). I was going to give them until 6:00 am to get there and open the gym. Thankfully, like I said in other posts, I brought an alternative workout plan and gear with me. They did, however, end up opening at 5:41 am exactly, and were of course unapologetic about it. It’s bad enough their equipment is generally shitty, they also are slack at customer service. Regardless, I got to spin, but no core training before class. I will just have to focus on that stuff Wednesday and Thursday.


LA Fitness Wait

The wait at L.A. Fitness


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