281.2 – Day 24

24 Aug , 2012 281.2,Sports

Well, I am glad I front loaded most of my training at the beginning of the month because the wear and tear is starting to take its toll. It’s not that I didn’t want to work out this morning, it’s that my body didn’t. I had in mind to do a double session today, swim in the morning and strength train around lunch. I settled for just swimming. I had only 1 mile to go to reach my swim goal, but it might as well have been 10.

I made it through the swim session and I am glad to say that the run and swim portions of my training goals for August are now complete. While I managed to finish, I just didn’t have the energy to push hard like I wanted to. Especially with a 50 mile bike ride on the horizon tomorrow. I think I’ll do a 1 mile swimming time trial on Labor Day to gauge if all the swim training this month has made me stronger. I also think I am leaning very close to buying that Finis Swimsense watch finally.

I shared an article on facebook yesterday from LifeHacker that talked about how you should, “Tackle the Hard Stuff First to Make the Most of the First Hour of Your Day.” Today’s training was a prime example of what this story is getting at. I know that if I hadn’t forced myself to get to the gym and swim when I didn’t want to, I wouldn’t have trained today at all. I really do firmly believe that everyone should make morning training their main approach to scheduling workouts. It really takes a committed breed of athlete to consistently get up early and crank out a workout.

This argument, again, emphasizes my belief that the morning crowd at L.A. Fitness is so much easier to deal with than the afternoon weirdos. In fact, I think the exact hours of 5am to 7am are the ideal hours for stepping foot inside an L.A. Fitness. After that, every manner of psycho comes out to “workout.” To prove my theory, see the examples below. I should start a blog called LAFitnessPeople.com that captures all the weirdos like Walmart-People.com does.

L.A. Fitness Weirdos

The type of weirdos you will find at L.A. Fitness.

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