281.2 – Day 25

25 Aug , 2012 281.2,Sports

281.2 – Day 25

This Saturday, unlike the previous ones, I didn’t engage in a long run but instead a long bike ride. I went to the Silver Comet Trail and rode for 50 miles. I chose the Silver Comet because it is relatively flat. I didn’t want to blow my quads out just trying to take a big swath out of my cycling total. I normally would want to expand a lot more on all that went into this ride but instead I thought I would just show you what 50 miles on the Silver Comet trail can look like. Check out the video below for a few quick sections of the route I rode today. If you are just getting into cycling, it is a great place to start. Lots of wide open expanses with very few intersections; especially after mile 16.

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