281.2 – Day 26

26 Aug , 2012 281.2,Sports

So today was a recovery day from that long bike ride yesterday. I planned on playing some golf with my buddies as a leisurely way to pass the time while I recovered in time for tomorrow’s swim workout. That did not work out like I planned. What should have been a standard three-hour game, turned into an almost 5 hour jaunt in the sun that completely zapped me. It probably doesn’t help that all I ate before was a bagel. I did a lot of upper body strength training this past week, which combined with the swimming and bike ride, really wore my arms out. I didn’t anticipate how much my golf game would be affected by the training. The club felt like it weighed a 100 pounds and I nearly fell asleep through the middle of the round.

This coming week I enter the home stretch the 281.2 mile challenge and need only 20 miles on the bike to hit that goal. I should be well over my running and swimming targets and have completed the most combined miles in any month since I started really tracking my training in April of 2009 with RunKeeper. I’m really glad I blogged my way through this trek because I think the daily reflection and analysis is what helped me stay focused and resilient. Speaking of tracking your training. Everyone should go check out and join Athlinks, if you already haven’t. Athlinks is the social networking site for athletes. You can find your fellow competitive friends, track your race results and upcoming schedule, review past events, and share media and stories like you would on facebook and other sites. You can find my profile on Athlinks here.

Tomorrow I get back to the swim, bike and run routine, beginning with an early swim at L.A. Fitnot. However, because I have already met most of my goals for the month, I will focus on mentally priming myself for how best to approach the 310 mile challenge for next month. I’m still debating how I will log those workouts, and the Athlinks daily workout log maybe how I do it. The picture below is an animated gif of one my terrible swings off of the tee today. Be kind.

Golf Swing

My lazy golf swing.

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