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6 Aug , 2012 281.2,Sports


Pool WaterWell, all training days can’t be good ones and this was one of the sucky ones. All the blame goes on LA Fitness for this one. Angela and I woke up early to get in a swim session and were greeted to the usually busy pool crowd you would see on a Monday morning, which was expected. What made the experience bad was the overall condition of the pool water. Absolutely the murkiest water I have ever been in that wasn’t a lake. So bad you couldn’t see your hand in front of you, let alone the wall you could swim into or the other person you may be sharing your lane with. See the illustration here of clear versus murky water and ask yourself which one you would prefer to swim in.

This was especially frustrating because we mustered the energy to get up and do the exercise and both felt rested enough to put in a good swim workout. LA Fitnot as my friend Hilla has labeled them, really let us down today. To be clear, we really only maintain a membership with them because they have access to the most pools, but after this morning we will definitely explore other options. In an actual triathlon you expect to deal with water that is less than clear; but that is open water, beyond most anyone’s control.

What your really worry about, other than breaking your neck is just the sanitary conditions of what you may be poking your toe in. Which, reminds me of a practice we used to employ when going to LA Fitness to swim or cycle, but didn’t today. I recommend you always take the necessary equipment to do a basic run or strength training workout because the pool could be crowded or disgusting and spin class could be full. You just never know what you will be getting into when you walk into an LA Fitnot so be prepared for anything. Next year we plan to join the Atlanta Triathlon Club to help us get ready for an Ironman competition.

Luckily this day wasn’t all bad. I got to get in a round of golf with my buddy Xavier. Our scores were terrible but it was a great day to play and we weren’t rushed as Mondays generally aren’t busy at most courses. I love the way that gold doesn’t let you get by on just pure athleticism like in some sports. You really do have to think about your form and technique a lot when golfing. I think having a nice hobby like golf or tennis is healthy to keep you balanced and not get burnt out on swimming, cycling and running. Below is a picture of maybe the best hole we played all day.

Hole 7

Hole 7


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