281.2 – Day 8

8 Aug , 2012 281.2,Sports

So this morning I deliberately ran exactly 3.9 miles to bring my total distance for the month to 100 miles. The idea was to bring myself to a specific milestone and overcome any psychological barriers ahead of me. I think it worked, because I feel re-energized and ready to take on the remaining 181.2 miles. I am now over a third of the way to my goal and have most of the month left to achieve it.

Today I ran what is called a negative split. What that means is that if you split my planned distance in half, I ran the first half slower than my target pace and the second half faster than my target pace. You can see the mile by mile breakdown here. Negative splits are a good way of learning how to conserve your energy for the push at the end of a long race and very valuable in extreme conditions when you should be careful to build up to speed. The real trick is learning how to hold yourself back and also when to cut loose. It’s important to use any sort of device that can give you mile by mile or on the minute stats on distance, pace, and duration (i.e. RunKeeper) to help you.

Tomorrow will be the closest thing I have to a rest day in about two weeks. I will focus solely on strength training in the morning with a nice recovery walk in the evening. I said these posts would be quick and dirty and this small bite is all you get today. Well, that and a picture of the start of our Bourne marathon before we see the new one on Saturday.


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