281.2 – Day 9

9 Aug , 2012 281.2,Sports

Today was my first real rest day in two weeks. Ideally, you should take a rest day at least once a week and not necessarily on your busiest work or social day. It makes sense to include your workout on busy days so you can leverage the fact that your motor is already running a 100 miles an hour. I take my rest days usually on Thursdays so that I can get in more recovery leading into the weekend when I will be putting in long distances workouts.

Even on rest days, I do try to make an effort to get in a good stretch session, maybe some light weights and a walk. For someone who does a lot of high exertion workouts, people find it hard to believe how much I love to walk. I could probably walk for hours on end. I firmly believe that walking provides a great deal of benefit for the mind, body and spirit.

A simple stroll can help you work through various ideas or issues because walking does not require the intense focus that some other athletics command. The stride and easy pace of walking can help you work through any ailments you may be suffering by working out lactic acid and pointing out pain points without the risk of further injury.

You know, walking just feels good, especially when you can head out with someone else. I don’t care for group workouts, but walking is an experience I don’t mind sharing. Here are some pics of the Buckhead Bucks along our walking path tonight. We hope to collect a montage of all of them one day.


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