Broken Macs and Caviar Dreams

22 May , 2012 Lifestyle,Technology

Ok, so far so good, 2 posts over 2 weeks for 2009. I hope to put up 5s posts this year.  No promises, but I’ll do my best. A friend, Erin, told me she posts weekly as a diary to help her remember all that she does. So what happened with me this week. First, I fried the logic board on my MacBook Pro. Secondly, I got in a lot of fitness training this week and very proud of it. Thirdly, we went to two free movie screenings this week, Revolutionary Road, and Unborn. Lastly we went to Chateau Elanfor a wine tasting session with friends.

So the week started off kind of crappy when my year and half old MacBook Pro committed suicide after at the end of the day. Truth be told, I overworked it. I often run more then 10 applications at a time, and a virtual machine of
 Windows XP with a VPN connection to work and 10 applications of its own running. Thankfully, the Apple Store backed up all my data and replaced the logic board which fried out. The craziest part about all of this is that my laptop died the day before the MacWorld 2009 convention keynote speech. This got me thinking, did Apple send a remote kill command to try and get me to buy the new 17″ MacBook Pro, hmmm?
On another note, this was a great fitness week, getting in tons of excercise mostly in the early morning. Coincidentaly, the training started up again the same week “The Biggest Loser” came back on.  I knocked out 7 hours 15 minutes of training, which included 25.75 miles of running and biking. I owe most of my fitness success to shifting my workouts to early morning. I have found that working out very early before work allows for greater consistency and gives me energy throughout the day.I will probably appreciate it even more when summer roles around and it becomes too hot to run in the evening. This week’s challenge is to cut out all fried foods for a week. I will miss you french fries.
Moving on, we went to Chateau Elan this weekend for a wine tasting tour with Pierce, Sarah, Erin, and Benjy. The tour guide emphasized what I have believed all along, drinking wine has wonderful medicinal qualities. Most of the wines we had were ok, but the Port was wonderful. I am not one for desert or sweet wines, but Port just is too good to pass up. We picked up a bottle of the winery’s signature cabernet and we’ll enjoy that soon enough I am sure. While at the Chateau we were finally able to give Erin her Christmas gift. We got her a subscription to “Body & Soul” magazine and customized Road ID. She had already received a very similar Road ID from another friend, so I guess she has a back up.

She and Benjy were very thoughtful in their gifts for us and got us nice painting from an Athens, Georgia local artist, a gift card to the Think Geek website, and jewelry for Angela. Very nice things indeed. It was from Erin we got the idea to go without fried food because she spoke of the energy benefits she is seeing. I used the gift card to order USB sit up crunching dogs.

Later on that night we went to a friend’s house in midtown Atlanta and I just have to share the view from her condo in the Spire building. We would love to live more in town surrounded by the glow of the steel and concrete towers; but we really cannot complain about the location of our cozy little condo. So, then after a week of working out well, fine foods and wine, and beautiful views, here is longing on Caviar Dreams.

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