500 KM Challenge – Second Update

Well, I’ll start by getting straight into it. I didn’t hit my 500 km goal for September. I did a total of 230 miles last month, about 70 miles or 23% short of the 310 miles I needed. I was unfortunately derailed by a chest infection during the latter part of the month that kept me sidelined. I tried a workout now and then but they were wasted efforts where I found it hard to breath most of the time. Disappointing I know, but I am not Superman and shouldn’t expect Herculean efforts to just come to me.

The Mile Breakdown Track Workout

This post is a more of a training guide/tip for those looking to maintain their short distances speeds while training for a half marathon or greater. I recently noticed my pace slowing down over the course of training for the 500K challenge. Running endurance races is great, but keeping up your weight and speed are hard to do when you want to be at the front of the pack. I found a workout that can help with distance speeds and it’s called the Mile Breakdown and I borrowed it from Mark Remy at Runner’s World.

500 KM Challenge – First Update

Last month I mentioned in a few of my 281.2 posts that I would give periodic updates this month on my training. I call this month’s goal the 500k challenge. 500km represents the metric total distance I wanted to meet this month in swimming, running and cycling. That goal breaks down to 10 miles of swimming, 60 miles of running and 240 miles of cycling, for a total of 310 miles. I debated calling it the 310 mile challenge but 500K just sounds cooler to me. I also thought that the swimming part would be the hardest to complete at the beginning of the month and I have been proven right. At about a third of the way through this month, I am equally a third of the way done in all three disciplines. The time in the pool being the most exhausting of the three.