500 KM Challenge – First Update

10 Sep , 2012 500K,Sports

500 KM Challenge – First Update

Last month I mentioned in a few of my 281.2 posts that I would give periodic updates this month on my training. I call this month’s goal the 500k challenge. 500km represents the metric total distance I wanted to meet this month in swimming, running and cycling. That goal breaks down to 10 miles of swimming, 60 miles of running and 240 miles of cycling, for a total of 310 miles. I debated calling it the 310 mile challenge but 500K just sounds cooler to me. I also thought that the swimming part would be the hardest to complete at the beginning of the month and I have been proven right. At about a third of the way through this month, I am equally a third of the way done in all three disciplines. The time in the pool being the most exhausting of the three.

I’ve definitely noticed that not blogging everyday, has had some effect on me. Although the blog entries were a little time-consuming, those moments of reflection definitely helped me get a little catharsis from each day’s training. I also used that time to make sure I took care of my recovery and I have neglected to that this month. Today is also the first day I have taken off all month and it wasn’t by choice. My body just said NO, and I had to listen. Building off of the volume from last month and then adding in another 300+ miles will really takes its toll. My right hip and knee are in 100% old man state.

I’ve also been dealing with many of the logistical issues of training at L.A. Fitness. Specifically, trying to get time in the pool, has been harder recently. This time of year, generally marks the end of the triathlon season. So everyone is trying to get ready for events ranging from their local sprint tri, up to the Augusta Ironman. Even with the regular L.A. Fitness frustrations, I am glad that I have been able to take on so much volume. Another plus is that my weight has remained constant despite all the cardio. I’m always afraid of dropping too much weight when I up my training. The only real trade-off has been that my overall pace has slowed down in cycling and running, but I am not sure if that has to do with the volume, soreness or something else.

Speaking of volume, in light of our clear focus on triathlons next year, we’ve decided to commit to only 4 events this fall. Down from the original 8 plus, we originally planned on. My goal for the rest of this month, is to complete the  500k challenge, no matter how daunting. More importantly, I have to stay up my recovery as well. After this month, I plan to scale back the mileage to no more than about 200 per month, through the rest of the year. I’ll use the winter to focus on other sports like golf, racquet ball, and probably rock climbing. I hope to keep up the swim regiment, as that is my weakest leg, and then around March of next year I’ll go back into heavy volumes in time for the first triathlon of the 2013 season.

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