500 KM Challenge – Second Update

1 Oct , 2012 500K,Sports

500 KM Challenge – Second Update

Well, I’ll start by getting straight into it. I didn’t hit my 500 km goal for September. I did a total of 230 miles last month, about 70 miles or 23% short of the 310 miles I needed. I was unfortunately derailed by a chest infection during the latter part of the month that kept me sidelined. I tried a workout now and then but they were wasted efforts where I found it hard to breath most of the time. Disappointing I know, but I am not Superman and shouldn’t expect Herculean efforts to just come to me.

I could be upset and despondent about the result, but I am encouraged that it took being bed ridden to keep me from chasing down that number. There are many positives to take away from the last two months of heavy training. For one, my fitness has hit all new levels, especially encouraging as I enter the last two half marathons for this year and attempt to break my PR at that distance. I was also able to keep my weight up despite all the heavy cardio, which has been a problem for me in the past. I am additionally impressed that I was able to cover well 550 miles of cardio over 60 days without any real injury.

All of these positives put together leave me emboldened as I sign up for 2013 Augusta Ironman this week. I greatly believe that the 12 months between now and then will be sufficient enough training time for me to do well at it. After all, I won’t be cramming so many miles into such a short period. In fact, after this month, I plan to shut myself down like Stephen Strasburg and use the rest of the year to just heal up and recover.

Now when I say I plan to turn things off, I don’t mean 100% no activity. The first few weeks of November I may become a couch potato but after that I plan to get moving again. I think I’ll use the last remaining weeks of decent sunlight and relative warmth to get some golf in and try to get some rock climbing and racquetball on, between now and April. I’ll also keep up the bare minimum of 1 bike, 1 run and 1-2 swim sessions per week until I start training for real in April 2013. At that point, I’ll kick my training into high gear for the triathlon season and I’ll try for the 500 K challenge again. I’ll think I will go back to posting daily during that next attempt. Thanks for reading.

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