April 30 Day Running Challenge

31 Mar , 2014 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports

April 30 Day Running Challenge

This month’s fitness challenge is all about running. In all my years of running, I have had very much a love/hate relationship with it. However, after the events at the Boston Marathon last year, I will always 100% appreciate my ability to do it. There will always be those days I would rather sleep in than bang out another five miles; but the right to make that choice on my accord is what makes Freedom so great. Unfortunately, too many had that choice taken from them by a couple of degenerates not even worth mentioning.

So, for April, I challenge all runners to dig deep and run as many miles as you can, just because you can. I don’t care if it is 1 mile a day or 100;  run whatever you are capable of doing. I think it is important for runner’s to show our solidarity and resolve on the one year anniversary of the events last year. Angela, Tyler and I will even be making a trip to Boston for the race to show our support, cheer on some friends, and hopefully get a practice run in with the Kenyan elites.

Boston Strong

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