What’s with BandY?!

Who and/or what is BandY? Well, BandY is the playful nickname my wife, Angela Huynh, and I use to refer to the “Royal We.” In short. it stands for Black and Yellow. You can take a guess at what the black and yellow in BandY represent. Last year we cemented held an offbeat and eccentric wedding in Hilton Head, SC. You can check out the image to the right from our wedding last year and our wedding video below.  Then at the start of this 2013 we relocated to California. After some time we relocated back to Atlanta and bought a home and got a dog.

Our life is all about travel, meeting new and interesting people, music, and inclusion. If there is a festival going on you will find us there. A rights rally, probably there too. Charity event, whenever possible. All in all, it’s all about the next adventure. Some highlights below.

Wedding Video

Below is a highlight video from our wedding.