Big Kahuna Ironman – 10 Weeks

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Big Kahuna Ironman – 10 Weeks

We’ve put 2 weeks behind us and have 10 left to go. The Big Kahuna race really is starting to feel like it is just around the corner and the training more and more intense. With every week the volume is picking up and the rest days seem fewer and farther apart. This past month in fact, I hit a record for total mileage in a month. I covered 3 shy of 400 miles for the month and all of that is making my 281 mile month look like a cake walk (see below). It’s even crazier knowing that I will blow June’s total training out of the water by the end of July or August.

Fitness Totals

I really have to credit my increased discipline and smarter recovery techniques with being able to take my training up a notch. I was able to cycle 64 miles on the last day of June and bounce right back and keep training the next couple of days. My current recovery concoction is a combination drink that helps speed up muscle repair. I take a 500 ml bottle of water and add to it a scoop of Amazing Grass Trio, two table spoons of L-Glutamine, and one FRS Energy Shot. Shake and serve cold; voilà, instant magic in a bottle.

I have found that for me, this combination works wonders for accelerating recovery. Combined with periodic massages, hot/cold treatment and the right amount of rest, You’ll be surprised at how much you can take on. I know I have been more than pleased with my ability to take on large volumes of training and bounce back ready to go again the next day. All of this information isn’t to say that the formula I use will work for everyone but that with the right amount of trial and error, you can put together the best recovery aid for you.

Nonetheless, I may be singing a different tune once I have completed the full scope of July training. To add in another wrinkle, I am also trying to take part in the Standing desk challenge for July. My goal being that I stand at work at least half of the day. That amount of standing may or may not affect my ability to recover. Regardless I enjoyed June a lot. Check out the picture highlights from some of our activities below, along with our training for this week.


Week 3 Training Plan:

  • Day 1 – .65 mile swim.
  • Day 2 – 1 hour run.
  • Day 3 – rest day.
  • Day 4 – Indoor cycling.
  • Day 5 – 1 hour run.
  • Day 6 – 1 mile open water swim.
  • Day 7 – 3 hour bike ride.

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