Big Kahuna Ironman – 11 Weeks

24 Jun , 2013 IronMan,Sports

Big Kahuna Ironman – 11 Weeks

So, we are now at 11 weeks until the Big Kahuna Triathlon. We completed one week of baseline training which included an open water swim test on Sunday. That swim test was both the high and low point of the training week for me. Being very new to open water swimming, I can’t lie about how terrified I was. The swim was a one mile swim and though I only did half of it (Angela completed her full mile), I came away feeling a lot better about being out in the water by myself. We have at least 5 more 1+ mile open water swims coming up over the next couple of months, so I know I will have opportunities to put in the work and get better at it. Until then, dreams of drifting alone on the water, staring up at the sky consume me; I hope to reach that point of perfect calm and peace so I can kill the swim come September.

Halfway to Lanai

Rather than talk any more about my training for the first week, I wanted to include a couple of mini interviews in this week’s post. I have given plenty of my perspective on all this training and reviewing events, so I thought it would be nice to get some perspective on those who train and complete with me. I have a posted questions and responses below from Angela Huynh, who will give her reaction on the first week of training for the Big Kahuna along with some discussion with Tyler Lu who just completed his first marathon at 17 at the WIPRO San Francisco Marathon. I hope you enjoy their opinions. Also at the very bottom of this post, you can check out the training plan for this week.

Q&A with Angela Huynh

  • How do you feel after your first week of training?
    • “I feel better than expected. I envisioned that my body would feel more sore and restless, but I’m happy to claim that the pain is quite tolerable and constructive. I’m pleasantly surprised by the speed of my recover; this reassured me that rigorous training is increasing both my strength and endurance.” 
  • What was the hardest part of the training?
    • “The early morning alarms. My first thought is usually what excuse can I legitimately use to avoid today’s morning session. This usually last for a good 30 seconds, then I would remember that there’s NO excuse.”
  • What was the best part of the training?
    • “Seeing and believing that I’m closer to my goal.”
  • How do you feel looking ahead 11 weeks?
    • “I feel optimistic about the coming weeks.  I realize that the incremental increase in volume of training will become more mentally and physically grueling, but this is where I prefer to focus on one week at a time.  It’s too overwhelming to think about the training required in Week 9, when I’m doing a fraction of that training in week 1. “
  • Do you have any advice for others that you learned from this past week?
    • “Work on my patience when it comes to training for any endurance fitness event.  Have a strategy plan for your milestone, but focus on the short-term goals.”

Q&A with Tyler Lu

  • How do you feel after completing your first marathon?
    • “I feel remarkable, proud, and enthusiastic.”
  • What was the best part of the marathon?
    • “The best part of the marathon was running on the Golden Gate Bridge, seeing all the professionals running next me. Also, I got to hold the 3:00:00 marathon pace sign.”
  • What was the worst part of the marathon?
    • “The worst part was the lonely stretch between about miles 14 and 18 in the Golden Gate Park. I. Only saw 5-10 athletes running past me during this stretch.”
  • Do you plan on running another when and if so when?
    • “I do plan on running another marathon. I will run any marathon that looks interesting, but I have not decided on any yet. I hope to qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2014.”
  • Do you have any advice for others that you learned from this past week?
    • “My advice is to never let anyone tell you what you can and can not do. Train like a loser, But race like a winner. Also, the recovery from the marathon is not so bad.”

Week 2 Training Plan:

  • Day 1 – Rest.
  • Day 2 – 1+ hour-long run.
  • Day 3 – Boot Camp and track work
  • Day 4 – Swim time trials.
  • Day 5 – 1.5 hour long run.
  • Day 6 – Golf.
  • Day 7 – 55-61 mile bike ride.

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