Big Kahuna Ironman – 2 Weeks

26 Aug , 2013 IronMan,Sports

Big Kahuna Ironman – 2 Weeks

Another week, another race. This Sunday was the last Splash & Dash race of 2013. It also served as the final open water swim tune up leading up to the Big Kahuna. The goal for this race was to improve on our swim sighting, time and overall performance. While neither of us set a 1 mile swim PR, we did make a lot of progress in our race day swim performance. Looking at the GPS maps of our individual swims, we definitely swam straighter and were much faster in the areas were the field had thinned out. The big take away from this race is to start faster with the swim and keep up a solid pace throughout. 2013 has truly been an interesting year for my relationship with water and the plans aren’t getting any smaller for next year either. I really hope to take my swimming to a competitive level next year. For now, it’s just a horizon of endless possibilities.

Alone at Sea

Overall, we’re satisfied with the results of the race. We finished near the top of our individual categories and recovered nicely from another busy week. In fact, we bought more recovery ice packs to use post workout going forward. They costs generally under $20 and if you aren’t using them already then you should. I believe you should not cut corners on anything that will keep you participating longer and pain-free. Also, on the recovery note, I think the health conscious diet we used last week also had a positive affect on our training. I felt like I bounced back from each workout faster and had greater level of endurance than I had in previous weeks. We weren’t eating all veggie meals or avoiding all things processed; but simply shooting for fresher, better prepared, and antioxidant rich foods that triathletes crave. Salmon dinners, avocados, Kashi cereals, dried fruits, pistachios and much more were the staples of our diets last week.

We’re now down to the last two weeks before the longest day of racing in mine and Angela’s athletic careers. If you know endurance training, then you know we are now into the tapering phase of the 12 week build up plan. Less volume, more technical mechanics focused and injury prevention work is what we’ll be concentrating on for the next couple of weeks. Again, like with the Tri Santa Cruz triathlon, the building anticipation is probably the hardest thing we will deal until race day. Interestingly enough, we plan to pick up training again just three days after the Big Kahuna. We’ll be taking on three more weeks of solid run training for the San Jose Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon. I’ll blog on those weeks as well. That half marathon race may be in fact as highly anticipated for us as the Big Kahuna, because of our goal to drastically rewrite our half marathon PR’s on one of the flattest run courses out there. After that race we’ll take a long deserved break and start firming up our 2014 race plans. Speaking of 2014, we’re very excited for our friend Sarah who qualified for the 2014 Boston Marathon; which we just booked travel for. We plan to go out there and cheer her on during the race next April.

Week 11 Training Plan:

  • Day 1 – Rest.
  • Day 2 – Swim/Run Brick.
  • Day 3 – 1.5 hour bike.
  • Day 4 – Swim/Run Brick.
  • Day 5 – Track Workout.
  • Day 6 – Bike/Run Brick.
  • Day 7 – Max Swim.

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