Big Kahuna Ironman – 5 Weeks

5 Aug , 2013 IronMan,Sports

Big Kahuna Ironman – 5 Weeks

This week’s post includes a mini race report of the Splash and Dash race from this past Thursday, August 1st. As far as the Splash and Dash, all I can say is that all your races can’t be a PR. This last one went about as bad as they can go. I just felt emotionally, physically, and mentally not in the game from the opening gun. Even worse was the mêlée that was the swim start. Pushing, grabbing, shoving were all a part of the start of the men’s swim wave and I was caught right in the middle of it. The lesson learned, start to the back and off to the side of your swim wave to avoid the chaos.

After that tumultuous first 200 yards were I got horse collared by my wetsuit, I never really could get my nerves down or mind back into the race. That experience in fact put a sour note on my training for the week. Through the rest of the week I struggled with the head games again of swimming with a bunch of crazies. To help with the resurfacing fears, we drove down to Santa Cruz and swam in the ice bath that is the Pacific to get used to the setting for the Tri Santa Olympic distance triathlon on August 11th.

The experience both helped and hurt. It was positive in that I got more time in the water and a chance to practice the start of the swim. It was negative in that the raw chill of the water lingers in your head until you’re done with your day. Nonetheless, you have to push on which brings me to another valuable lesson, counting. I recommend counting or singing out loud, or at least in your head, to help drown out all the other stimuli around you that make the experience seem worse. Combining the self distraction with ear plugs is also a great strategy you can use.

One more lesson learned for the week and then I’m done. If you train with your spouse, do your best to use a roller stick on each other for 10 minutes each right before bed on your sorest areas. The mini massage works wonders for getting you back to 100% the next morning. Below is a picture from our bike ride along the coast in Santa Cruz on Sunday. You can see this week’ straining plan below as well.

Week 8 Training Plan:

  • Day 1 – Rest.
  • Day 2 – 1 hour bike.
  • Day 3 – Swim/Run Brick.
  • Day 4 – Steady Swim.
  • Day 5 – Track Workout.
  • Day 6 – Practice Swim.
  • Day 7 – Tri Santa Cruz – Olympic Triathlon.

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