Garmin 735 XT Review


Garmin 735XT
When Garmin announced the 735XT I was actually in the process of shopping for a new Fitness watch that could do relatively everything. I had become disenchanted with the Apple Watch Series 1 and its lack of features geared towards hardcore athletes. I was especially disappointed by its lack of reliability when it came to GPS tracking of activities, swim tracking, sleep monitoring, and an inability to export activity data from the default Health app.

I had initially been leaning to towards the Garmin 920XT Triathlon watch but was turned off by its size and generally unappealing aesthetics. I liked the Garmin 730 but it was strictly just a running and cycling watch with no swim features. Then came the 735 XT with the style of the 230 (now 235) and a majority of the features of the 920XT. The key missing features are:

  1. Barometric Altimeter (for counting stairs and pin point elevation accuracy).
  2. Wi-Fi Uploading of workout data.
  3. Snow Sports tracking.

None of these features are a deal breaker for me so I went with the 735 XT and have been very pleased ever since.
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On CloudFlow Running Shoe Review


Over the past 10 years, some variation of the Nike Free has been my go to running shoe. However, a couple of years ago, Nike started to use the Flyknit material to reinvent the shoe. To their credit, the new materials resulted in probably the most snug and comfortable running shoe I have ever owned. One caveat though was that the durability of the shoe vanished. I was lucky to get 250 miles in before they would fall apart. With that being said I have been experimenting with different shoes since then. I have tried other Nike running shoes but none performed like the Free.

Recently I discovered the “On” brand of shoes after doing some research and reading reviews in various athletic magazines. On is a Swedish manufacturer and relative new comer to the shoe game. Their differentiator is the use of the Pocket cushioning system in the sole. This scientific approach creates a number of individualized air pockets across the bottom of the shoe. This system adapts to almost any foot strike pattern and running form. Moreover, it gives the shoe a very lightweight feel by not carrying so much cushion material in the sole. In this review, I will discuss and rate the Cloudflow model from On. This particular model is the most akin to the low profile, minimalist, and racer style of the Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit.

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Week by Week – W17Y2017

All things change in a dynamic environment. Your effort to remain what you are is what limits you. – The Puppet Master

I was reminded of this quote I first heard almost 20 years ago this week. I am whole heartedly guilty of trying to resist change within exerted on me from the outside recently. I like to think I am very adaptable to situations as they present themselves and I think for the most part I have been true to that ideal. However, when it comes to intrusions into the comfort zone that has become our home life, I have been very resistant to change. I am not sure why, but I think it has a lot to do with an idealization of what work/life balance should be like. Reminded of this phrase, I am left thinking if the pressure put on the balance I am trying to achieve from the dynamic environment that is consulting life is demanding me to change my perspective on balance. Moreover, if that shift in thinking is for better or worse. I know one thing, trying to resist it has made me grumpier and more frustrated. So, is the swing in mood I am currently having the change that I am supposed to experience or is there another pivot I am not experiencing by being so stubborn?

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Week by Week – W16Y2017

We’ve started our no car experiment. We turned in our last car a week ago when the lease ended and made no plans to purchase a replacement. We are going to test out the next 90 days without a car and see if that makes a huge lifestyle difference. Between Lyft, Marta, Walking, Cycling and ZipCar, we hope we won’t notice too much of a difference. This challenge is driven by a desire to live a more minimalist lifestyle and one that has a meaningfully positive impact on the environment.

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Week by Week – W15Y2017

Re-discovered some Ella Fitzgerald. It’s so fitting to hear her classics while walking through NYC On a spring day. You can just imagine that some of the same amazing sights lifted her vocals and inspired some of the lyrics. I even took the A Train to Harlem, just to catch the same vibe. Music is so critical to mood. That’s why I listen to everything, because you don’t feel or think the same way all the time. 

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Week by Week – W14Y2017

It’s a real challenge to stay even-keeled and kind in places during times that send some off into twitter tirades. All of us wrestle with the delicate struggle between emotions and reason. My approach has generally been to retreat into myself and clam up in situations where I would rather be confrontational but know it won’t solve anything. I take that approach so as to stay calm and not say anything I would regret. However, by doing so I cut myself at the knees. I take away two of my own strengths, energy and conversation. I know better, but I am fighting with the constraints of social norms and my emotions. In professional settings this dilemma can get even more complicated. Wanting to say what you need to say and trying not to go to far or put on a fake front. My old mentor had this challenge mastered. He was himself at all times. I probably just need to stop overthinking the whole thing.

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