BOSS Uncaged Podcast Episode

14 Apr , 2020 Culture,Lifestyle,Minimalism

BOSS Uncaged Podcast Episode

I had the great fortune of being a guest on my friend’s podcast “Boss Uncaged.” The show is produced by S.A. Grant whom I have known since high school. A successful entrepreneur, creative, father, and technologist in his own right. He added this show to his already long list of endeavours as a vehicle for capturing and sharing the experience of other creators. The show has had some very insightful episodes in it’s early run; each guest talking about the wins and losses along the way to conquering their own personal Everest. Below is a description of the show from S.A. Grant himself.

“In each episode [of BOSS Uncaged], Guests come from a wide range of backgrounds and share diverse business insights. Learn how to release your primal success through the words of wisdom from inspirational entrepreneurs and industry experts. As they depict who they are, how they juggle their work-life with family life, their successful habits, business expertise, tools, and tips of their trade.”

I appear on the April 14th, 2020 episode of the podcast. The format of our interview was unscripted, which leant itself to a fun and free flowing idea sharing experience. I am extremely proud of what S.A. Grant is doing and the quality of the production. I am also very honored to even have been considered by him for an appearance on the show. Especially, when you have many accomplished and well known guests from all over appearing on the show.


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  1. Shannol Lee Grant says:

    The honor was all mine brother, I have seen you accomplish more in your life than most dream about. My takeaway from your episode is your morning routine, the structure, and discipline is inspirational.

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