Death & Resurrection

22 May , 2012 Culture,Lifestyle

I felt the need to write about the idea of death and resurrection naturally following Easter Sunday. I am not a religious person but I understand the magnanimity of this day. I have always been moved by Easter Sunday not solely for the story of Jesus, but because of the idea of redemption. I am a big believer in man’s ability to be redeemed and for reconciliation. These points are even more telling as this past week marked the 15 year anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide.

To even use the word anniversary in remembrance of something so horrific. Listening, however, to the PRI (Public Radio International) broadcast this past Sunday night of the rebuilding after the worst is like the telling of the anniversary of hope springing eternal. The most moving story was that of a women who lost most of her family living neighborly next to one of the perpetrators.

How can she do that is the obvious response. The principal driver for the reconciliation for most seems to be the belief in forgiveness and vision of a tomorrow where we are all made whole (or as close as possible) by the redeeming work we all put into building the world we want. A world where “great” nations do not stand idly by, while entire generations are lost. A society where it is not me first and everyone for themselves. A community of learning, cultural exchange, love and building.

I often feel I have lived a myriad of lifetimes in all the memories of the disparate experiences I have had. As those oldest memories fade and sometimes die, I feel resurrected into moments of awareness, suspended from time and place, where I ask, “was that me?” I have learned not to hold on to too much from the past by instead focusing on the renewing qualities of what is to come. With that, a belated Happy Easter to everyone.

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