December Fitness Challenge – Hit the Slopes

4 Dec , 2014 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports

December Fitness Challenge – Hit the Slopes

For December I am strongly recommending that everyone who has never tried skiing/snowboarding or tried once but didn’t have success; to go out and give it another try. Weather forecasts predict that his winter will be an El Nino year. What that means is that you can expect to see larger than normal snow falls at most resorts.

If there was ever a time to put on some boots and strap in, this is it. Learning snow sports, like most things, can be easier as a kid. However, learning anything over time can help you to stay youthful and energetic. As far as fitness, learning to ski and/or snowboard could be very advantageous for staying in peak shape during the winter. These sports utilize muscles and ligaments that may otherwise go neglected during the rest of the year.

To be in your best shape for snow sports I recommend adding lots of bar bell squats, leg extensions, leg press, and side-to-side abdominal exercises. Also, consider incorporating lots of flexibility exercises to increase your agility. Here is a link to a great guide for getting in winter sports shape via If you happen to head to Tahoe, specifically Northstar, look for my friends and I and see if you can beat us in a slalom style race like the one below.

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