Gut Health & Stress

16 Nov , 2020 Culture,Lifestyle,Sports

Gut Health & Stress

Right around the turning point of summer, I started to feel out of it. Tired, grumpy, and more importantly, gripped with intestinal pain. I have had an ulcer in the past and immediately went to the conclusion it was the same now. The byproduct of the 2020 news cycle, along with home & social confinement we have all endured. Fast forward to later in the year, after a series of doctor visits and tests, I did confirm that stress had wrecked my gut health but not how I assumed.

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Recommendation: Raw Food Passion

22 May , 2012 Lifestyle

I have not posted any blog entries in a while and that owes directly to work and the limited time around the holidays. I learned recently that a long time friend since elementary school is an avid blogger. I never pictured April as the blogging type, but she for sure has me whipped. More important than the fact that she blogs is the topic and content of her blog. April writes web articles on her raw food diet passion, yoga, and observations on health & nutrition. Her blog can be found here.

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