The Context Variable

7 Mar , 2020 Culture,Lifestyle

The Context Variable

Gradients of Difference are at the core of learning and communication. I am older than you, I know more, I have seen more, I look different, I speak differently, or I think differently. Every interaction with someone else, familiar or unfamiliar, involves some level of difference that fuels the transfer of information from one person to another. Context is the equalizing medium, that pushes our dissimilarities to the background and pulls a peaceful conversation to the front. Without context, misunderstandings brew and a productive discussion becomes a pointless debate.

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Philanthropy, Empathy and Spin for Kids

26 Oct , 2011 Culture

I want to be as objective as possible in writing this post. Not easy with a subject as deeply emotional as philanthropy can be. Yet, it is because of the propensity for heightened sentimental fervor about giving, that I must try to remain unbiased. Full disclosure, I was prompted to write this entry in response to our efforts to raise money for Spin for Kids over the past couple of months. Feel free to donate yourself after reading this.

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