Thursday Tech Tip – Firebase & Image Handling

For the past couple of I have played around with building an iOS app with Firebase as the back-end for it. I wrote a previous post about the joy that is Firebase, which you can check out. One of the features I am trying to incorporate is taking a picture of an item and uploading it with the post. Well, unfortunately, Firebase does not natively support image uploading. In order to store images with Firebase, you need to first turn them into their Base64 equivalent and store that string value as the value for the “image” key in your Firebase JSON structure.

Thursday Tech Tip – WCF Web Services & iOS

One of the best iOS development tutorials I have ever come across. Even better, he provides expert advice on building a web service and working with it in both Xcode and JavaScript/ I took a shortcut and used Firebase for my backend web service but it all works the same.